Filter media

Standard filter media: improved filtration, less maintenance, longer filtration cycles and longer lifetime

Electroforming and photo-etching production methods offer rigid, homogeneous structures with excellent separation characteristics. Holes can be down to 10 microns whilst maintaining high throughput and easy cleaning - even in-process cleaning. The perforations can be either round or slotted, conical holes. The product range includes;

Veconic sieve - electroformed and characterised by a mirror smooth working side and a perfectly self-releasing hole.
VeconicPlus sieve, made using a patented electroforming process, giving higher strength and more thickness with large open area and conically shaped holes.
Veronic sieve, for added thickness and strength.
Veconox sieve, photo-etched stainless steel screens.

Veco standard screens and sieves are used in chemical filtration, polymer filtration, waste water filtration, coolant filters, paint filters, hydraulics and oil filtration, coffee filters, particle size as well as seed selection.

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