Process control

Process control has the highest importance in our chemical industry. Veco has extensive knowledge of their chemical and additive processes. To extend the No. 1 position in the electroforming industry, Veco excels in controlling their processes:

  • Strict, Statistical Process analysis and controls of photolithography and electrochemical processes
  • Tight control of measurement variability by Reproducibility & Repeatability studies and calibration management
  • Extensive knowledge on automated inspection and measurement equipment (Optical measurement, Image analysis, X-ray and laser perthometry)
  • Customer dedicated automated packaging machines. In house development of handling, punching and packaging equipment of thin metal parts
  • Process analysis by using (P)FMEA, Taguchi techniques, Cp/Cpk analysis
  • Strict control of bath chemistry by a well equipped in house laboratory (HPLC, IPC, Spectrophotometer, etc.)
  • Bath chemistry data managed and analyzed via a Laboratory Management Information System
  • Material and surface analysis by a state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS)
  • ∆-organization structure: production engineers, process operators and maintenance engineers.

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