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Home Parts With Micro Holes New

Parts with micro holes

From single-hole products to meshes of millions of holes for atomization.

Home Precision Optical Parts New

Precision optical parts

Ultra-fine detail, tight tolerances and mind-blowing accuracy.

Home Precision Metal Parts New2

High precision metal parts

Nozzles, slits, any sort of freeform geometries or complex patterns.


Electroforming: Grow Metal Parts Atom by Atom

  • High aspect ratio
  • Stress and burr free
  • Non clogging holes
Content Block Etching

Chemical Etching: Produce Complex Ideas in a Matter of Days

  • Stress and burr free parts
  • Micron sized features with tight tolerance
  • Rapid prototyping
Home Welding 1

Laser Material Processing: Welding, Micromachining, Cutting, Engraving, and Drilling

  • Perfect complement of electroforming and etching
  • Fast turnaround
  • High reliability
  • High repeatability

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