With Electroforming, we take the creation of micro-precision parts to unprecedented levels.

A higher level of precision. A higher level of performance. A higher level of industrialization.

About Electroforming
Parts With Micro Holes

Parts with micro holes

From single-hole products to meshes of millions of holes for atomization.


  • Miniaturized holes down to 2 micron
  • Ultra precise hole geometry
  • Well controlled pitch accuracy
  • Ultra-smooth surface free of burrs or blocks
Precision Optical Parts

Precision optical parts

Ultra-fine detail, tight tolerances and mind-blowing accuracy.


  • Excellent edge definition and roundness
  • Various plating finishes possible
  • Exceptional shape accuracy and consistency
  • Customized design and development
High Precision Metal Parts

High precision metal parts

Nozzles, slits, any sort of free form geometries or complex patterns.


  • Additive Manufacturing process (atom by atom)
  • Fracture free surface
  • Completely smooth edges
  • Low bend radius
  • High aspect ratio

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