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Veco is committed to strong partnerships and supplier relationships which are key pillars to our supply chain success.

1. Working at the premises of Veco

1.1  The Supplier guarantees that for the execution of any work or activities relating to and/or requested  by Veco B.V. (”Veco”) through a purchase order, it will solely use qualified and certified personnel, in accordance with the valid rules, certifications and standards that apply in the Netherlands. This qualification does not only relate to security qualifications and certifications but also to, e.g. technical qualifications and certifications. Supplier is obliged to inform Veco in time in case of any doubt about the required qualifications and certifications of the personnel that supplier is expecting to deploy. Supplier and Veco will then work together on finding a mutually acceptable solution.

1.2  The supplier is obliged to, at request of Veco ., supply written proof of the required qualifications and certifications to Veco before commencing any activity.

1.3  Supplier is solely responsible for, and holds Veco harmless for, any and all claims or damages that originate from the deployment of non- or insufficiently qualified or certified personnel.

2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

2.1  U.N. Global Compact and OECD Guidelines for MNE. The supplier undertakes with Veco to support Veco’s corporate social responsibility policies and uphold the principles in the Veco Code of Ethics, the United Nations Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and/or OECD Guidelines for Small & Mediumsized Enterprises.

2.2  Signed declarations. Copies of the declarations of compliance with CSR principles and Code of Ethics signed by supplier, shall be sent to Veco. Supplier undertakes with Veco to obtain signed declarations from its subcontractors and suppliers.

2.3  Implementation of CSR. Supplier shall cooperate with Veco in implementing and complying with Veco’s corporate social responsibility principles and Code of Ethics, and supplier shall make best efforts in order to improve and resolve any issues or concerns arisen pursuant to Veco’s CSR principles and Code of Ethics.

2.4  Country Risk Classification from amfori BSCI. Veco does not want to deal with suppliers located in or sub-tier Suppliers located in the high risk countries, as defined by amfori BSCI. To the extent supplier or sub-tier supplier has a production facility used to make products for Veco, in a high risk country, Veco has the right to perform additional audits in order to establish the CSR of the Supplier. In case supplier is found lacking, supplier will be given 30 days to rectify the issues. Supplier has to notify Veco in case of a change in the country assessment by amfori BSCI. Veco has subsequent rights to start auditing Supplier on this basis.

2.5  Responsible Mining Index. Supplier shall transparently communicate about the Responsibe Mining Index score (RMI score) of the mines used to make the raw material sold to Veco. Veco aims to have an RMI score of 3.0.

3. Quality assurance

3.1  General requirement. Supplier shall implement and maintain adequate quality systems and documented procedures which identify, control and segregate non-conform Products. Where any monitoring or measurement equipment is used in supplier’s development, manufacturing, logistics or other operational environment, such equipment shall be calibrated adequately.

3.2  ISO 9001 certification. Supplier shall maintain a certified ISO 9001 quality management system or equivalent, whichever is the best suited for the market. Any partial or full waiver of this undertaking must be in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of Veco.

3.3  Certificate of Conformity. In connection with each release of a product pursuant to modified specifications and upon request of Veco from time to time, Supplier shall accompany the delivery of a product with applicable Certificates of Conformity. Supplier warrants that any changes to its products are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity, if applicable.

3.4  ISO 9001 quality control procedures. Supplier shall maintain product and services quality by continuously performing strict quality control procedures including structural criteria for engaging and monitoring suppliers. Supplier warrants that such structural criteria shall be no less stringent than the quality procedures set forth in the ISO 9001 standards, or similar, from time to time.

3.5  Assessments. Veco is entitled to periodically announced and unannounced perform a quality assessment as supplier’ premises. Supplier shall fully cooperate with Veco self-assessment requests, to the extent that they are not submitted every 3 months.

3.6 Calibration. All suppliers performing calibration services for machines operated by Veco, are to be ISO 17025 certified. In case no such ISO 17025 certification is available the supplier shall inform Veco prior to accepting the order for the calibration service. Veco shall then decide how to proceed.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations

4.1  Acquaintance with laws and regulations. Supplier undertakes with Veco to remain fully acquainted with all matters related to (the performance of) its obligations under these conditions, including applicable laws and regulations relating to quality, health, safety and environment of the country where any products or spare parts may be delivered, and applicable export and import control regulations.

4.2  Compliance. Supplier undertakes with Veco to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, codes and standards applicable to the manufacture, transportation, export, import, distribution and sale of the it’s products. This includes the applicable rules and regulation related to supplier’s personnel, consultants, representatives providing services to Veco.

5. Health, safety and environment

5.1  HSE compliance. supplier shall:

(a)  establish, maintain and demonstrate to the reasonable satisfaction of Veco an environmental management system and organisation compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001 (or above), or an equivalent standard;

(b)  maintain an occupational health and safety management system which meets the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard;

(c)   upon request of Veco, provide evidence of compliance to an auditable process that ensures minimal impact of the scope of supply of the Products on the environment;

(d)  provide Veco with copies of the ISO 14001 certificate and, if available, the ISO 45001 certificate;

(e)  establish and maintain such legal and regulatory framework as to ascertain and anticipate that all products supplied to Veco and all materials and components incorporated in such products comply with the laws and regulations applicable to their design, production, use, return and destruction; and

(f)    identify and notify Veco of risks that may jeopardise supplier’s continuing scope of supply such as no or limited availability of critical components, materials or substances.

5.2  Notice of non-compliance. Supplier shall inform Veco of any non-compliance.

5.3  Compliance with site rules. Supplier’s personnel or subcontractor’s employees accessing Veco’ premises shall comply with Veco’s rules and instructions applicable at the premises. Supplier shall indemnify Veco against any damages, losses or injury suffered by Supplier, its subcontractors or their personnel as a result of their presence on Veco’ premises, unless it is caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct by Veco.

The rules of the site are explained in the following documents (in Dutch):
1. PR0334 rev 1; Contractor reglement Veco Eerbeek
2. RG0600 rev 1 ; Contractor verklaring
3. Contractor reglement samenvatting

The rules of the site are explained in the following documents (in English):
1. PR0334 rev 1; Contractor rules Veco Eerbeek (ENG)
2. RG0600 rev 1 ; Contractor- & management declaration (ENG)
3. Contractor rules synopsis
Prior the commencing work on the Veco premises, supplier shall have signed the Contractor verklaring or Contract declaration.

5.4  Unsafe materials. If any materials provided by or on behalf of a either supplier or Veco are toxic or potentially unsafe or dangerous, either supplier or Veco shall clearly and appropriately designate such materials, strictly in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements and accompany the materials with instructions for storage and use.

5.5  Circular economy. Veco aims to increase the content of recycled material in it’s product. Supplier is therefore encouraged to increase the content of recycled material as well as the amount of green energy used in the operation of its business.

6. DNR 2011 &  Addendum

For all consultancy contracts Veco uses the Dutch DNR 2011 standard with the accompanying Addendum. Consultants working for Veco are working under this contract unless otherwise is agreed between the parties in writing.

-> download DNR 2011
-> download Addendum Veco Version

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