Afstudeerstage Chemie Surface enlargement of Electrodes by Electroforming – Eerbeek


As the world leader of high precision metal engineering, Veco is the only in the industry with such wide range of integrated technologies in-house: Electroforming, Etching, Laser Processes as well as Plating/Surface Finishing. These technologies allow a powerful combination of precision and economical production; for high volumes and prototypes, standard and custom-made products. Markets served worldwide: medical instruments, automotive, flow control, motion control, filtration, shaver foils, semiconductor-, electronics-, sugar industry and renewable energy.


Electrodes can be used for Electrolysis, Fuel-cells, and Desalination. With our patented Ni-E³process we are able to produce durable and sustainable Electrodes. The main difference and advantage of Veco’s electrodes is the enlarged surface area that can be achieved. Up to 14 times enlargement has been achieved when this Ni-E³ process is used. In addition, several coatings can be applied that can further result in a surface enlargement of up to 20.000 times resulting in yields that are unprecedented in today’s world. The process is extremely sustainable due to zero waste, making it a very cost-effective and future-proof technology in producing Electrodes


Purpose of this project is to improve the surface activity of Veco’s electrodes and therefore the yield of Hydrogen production of electrolyzers. This might be done by applying coatings as to enlarge the active surface, possibly in combination with the application of a catalyst.

The project might include:

  • literature study on enhancing activity of Electrodes for Hydrogen evolution;
  • research and development of processes to enlarge active surfaces;
  • characterization of Electrodes using electrochemical techniques.


We are looking for a physics/chemistry/optics student looking for a challenging assignment.


What do we offer you as an intern?

We are offering you a positive, challenging and international working environment with lots of freedom for initiatives and space for personal development. We are financially sound, which enables us to focus and continue to invest in a better future. Next to an internship compensation, you will receive the following secondary working conditions:

  • 24 vacation days
  • travel expenses (unless travelling by public transport)


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