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Become part of a team that takes the creation of micro-precision parts to unprecented levels

What you can expect from working for us

We are living in amazing times. Technology is developing fast and we are at the forefront of these changes. What we do now on a daily basis and on an industrial scale would have been considered impossible in the past. Working for us means joining the team and creating micro-precision parts that enhance everyday life.

Benefits3 Dynamic Environment

Dynamic Environment

We offer responsibility in a positive, dynamic and international environment with challenging projects and interesting technologies and customers.

Benefits3 Personal Development

Personal Development

We believe that personal development is the cornerstone of our success. We will motivate and support you to keep developing yourself.

Benefits3 Excellent Benefits

Excellent Benefits

We offer a full benefits package including a competitive salary, fringe benefits like education assistance and excellent working conditions.

Benefits3 Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is impossible. We inspire you to push the boundaries and dare to innovate even more.

Electroforming cleanroom


Our DNA. What guides our identity and behaviour.

Values3 Creative


We always find solutions

When our customers have hit a wall, we can’t wait to climb over it and invite them to join us.

Values3 Pioneering


We will try new ways

Just because no one else has done it, that doesn’t make it impossible. It’s up to us to create new ways.

Values3 Committed


We will make it happen

When you’re changing the world, atom by atom, you need determination and belief in the outcome.

Values3 Reliable


Performance guaranteed

The guaranteed performance of our micro-precision parts is impressive on multiple levels.

Vacancies Overview


Open sollicitatie Stage Chemische Technologie


Afstudeerstage Chemie Surface enlargement of Electrodes by Electroforming


Afstudeerstage Chemie Corrosion resistance of electroformed nozzle plates


Open sollicitatie


(Ervaren) Process Engineer Lithografie


Quality Engineer (Customer)


(ervaren) Process Engineer


Business Innovation Lead (Waterstof)


Junior Controller (Master Data)


Process Engineer Elektrodepositie

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