Design & Development

We translate customer demands into applicable solutions

Veco has been leading, sponsoring, and participating in scientific investigations and application development. With extensive intellectual property(IP) portfolio, extraordinary research capabilities, and excellent quality control, Veco is dedicated to translating customer demands into applicable solutions.

We translate customer demands into industrialized processes

With integrated capabilities of electroforming, photo etching, laser cutting, and various additional in house services, Veco provides customers with an extremely competitive alternative right through from prototyping to large scale production. Rapid prototypes can be produced from your drawings in a matter of days.

We translate customer demands into precisely controlled process

Process control has the highest importance in our industry. As the leading company in the industry, Veco takes process control seriously. With extensive knowledge of the chemical and additive processes, Veco excels in controlling the manufacturing processes in all aspects:

  • Extensive knowledge on automated inspection and measurement equipment (optical measurement, image analysis, x-ray and laser perthometry)
  • Tight control of measurement variability by reproducibility & repeatability studies and calibration management
  • Strict, statistical process analysis and controls of photolithography and electrochemical processes
  • Customer dedicated automated packaging machines. In house development of handling, punching and packaging equipment of thin metal parts