additive manufacturing
atom by atom

Learn everything about the endless possibilities of Electroforming and
what it can bring to your next project.

discover the endless possibilities of Electroforming

Experience the remarkable world of electroforming, where highprecision metal parts are created atom by atom.

This additive manufacturing process offers exceptional accuracy in combination with high volume production. Discover the endless possibilities it holds. Immerse yourself in the world of electroforming and imagine producing stressfree, burrfree metal parts with micronscale accuracy. Electroforming technology allows you to surpass limits in precision, tolerance, costeffectiveness, and thermal resistance.

explore everything you need to know about Electroforming

Discover the world of electroforming through the comprehensive pages below. Dive into the benefits of this fascinating process, uncovering its stepbystep procedure and the wide array of materials utilized. Gain valuable insights into why electroforming exceeds other manufacturing techniques, with its remarkable advantages. Check our design guidelines for engineers to learn about all the technical possibilities.

advantages of Electroforming

conical hole shape

unique hole configuration

Besides straight holes, it is also possible to achieve special bell mouth hole shape

thickness range

Thickness range 5 – 1200 micron

feature size

Feature size down to 2 micron

tight tolerance

Tight tolerance down to +- 1 micron

design flexibility

Complex shapes and design configurations with different materials

3D structures

Complex 3D structures can be achieved by growing additional layers in different directions

high quality

Burr-free, stress-free components with ultra smooth surface and clear edges

cost efficiency

Highly cost efficient from prototyping to industrial scale mass production

markets we serve

Our extensive clientele spans across a wide spectrum of industries, including but not limited to medical, automotive, food and beverage, and aerospace. These dynamic sectors demand nothing short of excellence in terms of quality and precision, and we are more than equipped to meet and exceed their expectations.

Discover more about the markets we serve with our leading technology.

Veco guarantees the highest quality

To always provide our customers with the best quality, Veco has been certified with the latest version of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

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explore what Electroforming can bring to your next project

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