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With micro-precision manufacturing services that help you fabricate your next-generation product.

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Empowering the next industry breakthrough

As the world leader in precision metal fabrication, Veco is the only one in the industry with 3 integrated technologies in house: Electroforming, Etching, Laser Cutting. Our technology capabilities enable us to provide the widest range of precision metal parts empowering our customers in various industries to develop the next generation of products.

Aerospace & Defense

There is no other industry than Aerospace and Defense that has a higher demand for quality and process control. Learn how we meet that demand every single time.


Veco has a long history working with world leaders in automotive industry with experience in high end metal precision metal solutions for the industry.


Medical (device) industry is highly cost intensive R&D wise. Learn how Veco could be of help in co-developing the next gen tech while being cost-effective.


Veco provides the widest range of precision filtration and separation media. Our standard product ranges from 5um to 2000um apertures,with better than +/- 2um accuracy.

Electronics & Semiconductor

A chip that is state-of-the-art today may be outperformed by the standard of tomorrow. Discover how to stay ahead of the pack.

Industrial Printing

From non-contact inkjet printing technology to “ink” that ranges from metal nanoparticles to living cells — the printing industry is moving fast. Here’s how to stay up front.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is one of the key technologies that empowers "the Fourth Industrial Revolution". See how we enable our customers in the industry to stay ahead of competition.

Renewable Energy

Achieve higher energy efficiency with Veco's renewable energy solutions

Pushing the boundaries of innovation in your industry

Co-develop your next-gen product with our R&D team and transform your ideas on an industrial scale.

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