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When smaller is better: how increasing miniaturization of automotive components challenges the industry

The global auto market has been in fierce competition to capture the growing market. For auto manufacturers as well as OEM manufacturers, it is of vital importance to improve quality and performance to stay competitive in the market. What is even more important is to invest in the future: to innovate.

The trend of miniaturization has brought various challenges to the auto industry, higher precision, tighter tolerances, and shorter product development cycles has made designers and engineers’ life difficult. What if you can take advantage of the trend rather than being dragged to go ahead with it (and suffer from it)?

Micro-precision services for automotive industry

Top quality decorative meshes/plates such as speaker grilles, tread plates, and brand logos
High precision meshes/filters such as fuel injection nozzle plates
Miniaturized components such as lead frames, spring connecters, airbag components, clutch components, gaskets, shims, washers, and spacers
Co-development with next gen solutions such as fuel cells, sensor components, and testing solutions for radar parts
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Micro-precision technologies to drive miniaturization and innovation of the industry

While miniaturization has brought various challenges to the industry, it also provided the industry with unforeseen opportunities. It has been a driving force for performance improvement as well as various industry breakthroughs. It enables smaller, lighter, and smarter components and empowers next-generation techs such as connected vehicles, automated driving, new energy autos, etc.

Veco has a long history working with world leaders in automotive industry with experience in high end metal interior components, quality decorative components, as well as precision metal solutions that empowers hydrogen cars, auto radar systems, and next-gen engines.

    Washers, Shims, Spacers

    Spray Nozzle Plates

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