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When smaller is better: how increasing miniaturization of automotive components challenges the industry

What is the key to staying competitive in the global automotive market?  It is vital for both automotive manufacturers as well as OEM manufacturers to continuously improve quality and performance in order to remain competitive. It is even more important to invest in the future: to innovate.

The trend of miniaturization presents various challenges to the automotive industry, its designers and engineers in the form of higher precision, tighter tolerances, and shorter product development cycles. We offer ways to take advantage of this trend: to enable you to stay on top.

And above all, we make mass production of micro precision parts possible to ensure perfect quality whilst remaining cost-effective.

Providing micro-precision services for the automotive industry

Top quality decorative meshes and plates such as speaker grilles, tread plates, and brand logos
High precision meshes and filters such as fuel injection nozzle plates
Miniaturized components such as lead frames, spring connectors, airbag components, clutch components, gaskets, shims, washers, and spacers
Best in class next-gen solutions such as fuel cells, sensor components, and testing solutions for radar parts
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Micro-precision technologies to drive miniaturization and innovation of the industry

Miniaturization presents new and transformational challenges to the industry, impelling us to push the boundaries further. It provides a driving force towards performance improvement as well as continuous innovation. It enables smaller, lighter, and smarter components and empowers next-gen technologies such as connected vehicles, automated driving and new energy cars for example.

Veco Precision has served world leaders in the automotive industry for decades. We bring experience in top quality key interior components, high quality decorative components, as well as micro-precision metal solutions that empower hydrogen cars, auto radar systems, and next-gen engines.

    Washers, Shims, Spacers

    Spray Nozzle Plates

    Fuel Cell Plates

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