Industrial production of micro-precision parts for the printing industry

With customisable, micro-precision manufacturing solutions that guarantee a consistent quality of your key printing components

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From non-contact inkjet printing technology to “ink” that ranges from metal nanoparticles to living cells — the printing industry is evolving. To become a leader in the industry, you require the highest standard in printing quality. But how do you achieve consistent, top-notch quality? Because developing the next innovation goes hand in hand with the miniaturisation of your key parts — and with determining the right materials, product properties and manufacturing technologies. In other words: finding the best solution to build your next-gen printer.

To find the absolute best solution, you need a co-development partner that is with you from the very start: someone you can design, prototype, and go to industrial-scale production with. What you also need? Micro-precision technologies to further drive the miniaturisation of your key components.

Micro-precision technologies for unprecedented & consistent printing quality

Electroforming, chemical etching, and laser cutting are industry-leading technologies that help you create micro-precision features for your key printing components — while maintaining top-notch and consistent printing quality. Discover the manufacturing methods that provide you with micron-sized holes, the highest and most accurate aspect ratios, and cost-effective prototyping.

    Micro-precision printing services

    Ultra precise hole geometry
    Ultra-smooth, clean printing surface, free of burrs or blocked holes
    Superior chemical and mechanical stability
    Unparalleled jetting performance
    Traceability of nozzle plates by laser marking
    Possibility for multiple layers

    Inkjet Nozzle Plates

    Lamination Plates

    Solar Cell Stencils

    Become an innovative force in the printing industry

    Co-develop your next-generation printer with our R&D team

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