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Higher throughput, less maintenance, and longer lifetime with Veco’s filtration sieves for Food & Beverage industry.


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Food & Beverage Filtration

Filtration is a critical process for food processing and beverage manufacturing. Performance of a filtration sieve can directly influence the processing efficiency and product quality.

Having been working with the largest Food & Beverage companies as well as industry leading machine manufacturers, Veco provides the industry with a wide range of top quality filtration screens tailored to various processing and manufacturing conditions. Applications include coffee filters, cacao sampling screens, continuous centrifugal screens, sugar sieves, starch screens, MSG filtration screens, cold sterilization sieves, etc.

    Veco’s world leading filtration solutions

    High open area up to 25%
    Highly rigid and accurate holes
    Easy release design
    Less cleaning, longer up-time
    More cost competitive than traditional mesh
    Food grade materials such as stainless steel

    Higher Sugar Yield with Veco's Centrifugal Sieves

    As the leading manufacturer of continuous centrifugal screens. Veco provides the industry with unparalleled solutions for sugar screens:

      Coffee Filter

      Better Coffee with Veco's Coffee Filter Solutions

      Veco has more than 80 years of experience in developing best performing coffee filters for major brands of espresso makers as well as tea filters and other beverage filtration machines. With world leading technologies Electroforming and Photo Etching, different shapes and forms can be produced based on specific demand.

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