Achieve higher energy efficiency with Veco's renewable energy solutions

With ultra-precision manufacturing solutions — powered by exceptionally short lead & run times

Develop a Prototype

The renewable energy industry is an emerging industry, that focuses on new and appropriate renewable energy technologies. Veco has proven to be a valuable partner in delivering innovative solutions in, among others, hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

To find the absolute best solution, you need a co-development partner that is with you from the very start: someone you can design, prototype, and go to industrial-scale production with. What you also need? Micro-precision technologies to further drive the miniaturisation of your key components.

As the world leader in micro-precision, Veco is the only company in the industry with 3 integrated precision technologies in house: Electroforming, Etching, Laser Cutting. On top of that, we have in house plating and metal finishing facility, with rich experience in aerospace grade materials.

Micro-precision technologies to drive innovation of the industry

Veco has industry-leading manufacturing methods that provide you with unprecedented quality and precision of your key renewable energy components. And this quality is highly consistent as well. With ultra-precise component specifications that are always on par, your primary assets will continuously run at peak performance. So how is this level of quality guaranteed? Through meticulous testing and inspection at our dedicated facility.

    Fuel Cell Plates


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