Achieve Higher Yield with our Electrodes for Hydrogen Production

Become future proof with our Electrodes for Electrolysis, Fuel cells, and Desalination

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Electrodes for hydrogen production for a greener tomorrow

Electrodes can be used for Electrolysis, Fuel-cells, and Desalination. With the worldwide ongoing energy transition from fossil into green energy, electrodes are gaining more and more interest.

Veco's electrodes solution with its unique properties plays an important role in the Decarbonisation of our society. With our patented Ni-E³process we are able to produce durable and sustainable Electrodes. On top of this improvement in production yield can also be acieved, there is also an improvement in financial efficiency due to zero waste and 100% recyclable products.


Veco's Ni-E³ electrode solutions with surface enlargement up to 20,000 times

The main difference and advantage of Veco's electrodes is the enlarged surface area that can be achieved. Up to 14 times enlargement has been achieved when this Ni-E³ process is used. In addition, several coatings can be applied that can further result in a surface enlargement of up to 20.000 times resulting in yields that are unprecedented in today’s world. The process is extremely sustainable due to zero waste, making it a very cost-effective and future-proof technology in producing Electrodes.

    Key features

    Surface enlargement of up to 14 times without additional coatings
    Relatively large surface area in a slim product (Maximum 1 mm thick)
    Stackable, durable and stable performance
    The structure can be open to allow flushing to prevent bubbles sticking to the surface
    Surface coatings always in co-development
    Scalable, cost-effective, industrialized process
    Zero waste and the material can be completely recycled
    Double-sided growth

    Achieve higher yield with Veco's electrodes

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