Encoder Discs

Achieve perfect motion control with Veco’s encoders

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Encoder Discs

Encoder discs work by translating motion into electrical signals to obtain information of speed, position, or direction. Typical applications include process and machine control, motor feedback, factory automation, conveying, robotics, high-accuracy motion control, positioning, and measurement applications.

Accuracy of control depends on the resolution or counter per revolution of an encoder disc, which is determined by the accuracy and consistency achieved. With electroforming, high resolution encoders with high aspect ratio and excellent accuracy can easily be made.

Another advantage of Veco’s Electroforming technology is that reflective encoder discs, on which the light source and the detectors are all located at the same side, can also be developed.  This provides designers the opportunity to build small, single-sided detection systems which is valuable for the continuing demand for miniaturization.

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Our Encoder Disc Solutions

Veco is the industry leader in precision metal and offers ultra-high resolution encoder discs with unparalleled accuracy. With the latest improvements in lithographic manufacturing techniques and photosensitive lacquer, a significant higher aspect ratio can now be met. 1024 Slots can be realized in a 27-mm outer diameter disc with a thickness up to 60 – 70 microns. To improve the discs stability and durability, multi-layer is also an option.

Thickness20-90 μm
Number of Slots50- 1024, multiple rows possible
Diameter20-155 mm

Key Features

Encoder Slot

1. Excellent slot smoothness

Excellent surface and slot smoothness, burr- and stress-free.

Encoder Double Layer

2. Multi-layer possible

Customized solution made on demand, multi-layer possible. Capability with various types of encoders, including linear encoders, strips, etc.


3. High stability and durability

High accuracy and consistency, perfect stability and durability.

Achieve perfect motion control with Veco’s encoders

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