Endoscope Light Stops (with indicators)

Get unparallelled image sharpness with Veco's endoscopy parts

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Get unparallelled image sharpness with Veco's endoscope light stops

Endoscope light stop is a key component in the illuminated optic part of an endoscope system, which is used in Endoscopy procedure to examine a patient’s digestive tract. It defines edges of the imagines that are seen through endoscopes.

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Our Endoscope Light Stop Solutions

As the world leader in precision metal, Veco provides the industry with high precision metal parts such as light stops that guarantee best product quality and examine performance.

With Electroforming, sharp, clean edges can be achieved without any burr or stress on the surface. With in house plating and finishing facilities, blackening is also possible for anti-reflection.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Hard Nickel
  • Extremely sharp edge definition
  • Thickness: 80 micron
  • Tolerances: up to ± 2 micron on hole size
  • Production method: Electroforming
  • Blackened for anti-reflection

Get unparallelled image sharpness with Veco's endoscope parts

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