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Every Molecule Counts: achieve accurate flow control with Veco’s flow discs

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Every Molecule Counts: achieve accurate flow control with Veco’s flow discs

A flow disc is a thin metal part with micro apertures to accurately control flow stream. It is widely used in flow meters/regulators that require high accuracy of dispensing control, e.g. flow regulators for medical dispensing, flow meters for industrial gas control, etc. Quality and accuracy of the orifice disc is of key importance in any flow regulating/measurement system since it determines the dispensing control of the whole system: A 5% variation of a hole diameter could result in a 10% variation of the flow quantity.
Electroforming is known as the perfect fabrication method for high accuracy flow discs with custom design patterns. Hole geometry is in perfect control which enables accurate and consistent dosing performance.

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Our Flow Disc Solutions

As the world leading specialist in precision metal, Veco provides the industry with high precision electroformed flow discs.
Besides gas flow discs, we also provide various fluid flow discs widely used in industrial fluid monitor and control.

• Ultra smooth surface and walls
• Extremely accurate hole features
• All kinds of hole sizes, design patterns, complex contours achievable
• Bio-compatible materials suitable for medical flow applications
• 100% automated inspection possible

Key Features

3 Inkjet Nozzle Plate 2 Bell Mouth

1. Tight tolerance

Tight tolerance down to ±2 μm on hole size

2. Ultra smooth surface

 Ultra smooth surface and walls, with extremely accurate hole features

Achieve accurate flow control with Veco’s flow discs

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