Fuel Cell Plates

Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency in Smaller Packages with Veco’s High Precision Metallic Fuel Cell Plates

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Fuel Cell Plates

A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical potential energy into electrical energy. Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) is one specific fuel cell technology that is highly suited to automotive applications due to its energy conversion efficiency and package compactness.

Bipolar plates constitute one of the most important parts of a PEM fuel cell stack with multifunctional character. It distributes fuel gas and oxygen over the whole active surface area, joins together the anode of one cell to the cathode of another, pro–vides electrical conduction between cells,  facilitates fluid management within the cells, removes heat from the active areas, among others.

Cost and material choices of bipolar plates have long been the bottlenecks for further development and application of PEM fuel cells, as bipolar plates represent 2nd largest portion of cost in a fuel cell stack. Vigorous efforts have been made to evaluate different materials and manufacturing processes in order to meet the demanding expectations for the plates.

Fuel Cell

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Our Fuel Cell Plate Solutions

As the world leader of high precision metal engineering, Veco is the only in the industry with such wide range of integrated technologies in-house: Electroforming, Etching, Laser Processes (including Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, Laser Welding, Laser Engraving, and Micromachining), as well as Plating/Surface Finishing. Our un-paralleled technology capabilities enable us to provide the industry with top-quality high precision metallic fuel cell plates which are cost-efficient, featuring superior properties than others can achieve. Additional, Veco offers the industry co-development service for the next generation of PEM fuel cell solutions.

Key features

Fast prototyping
Cost-efficient industrial manufacturing
Higher electrical and thermal conductivity
Consistent product quality and accuracy
In-house Electro-plating capability
Burr- and stress-free
Design flexibility for complex channel designs
Short lead time
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