GDI Flexures

Develop a smaller, cleaner, and more economical engine with Veco’s high precision GDI flexure

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GDI Flexures

The GDI flexures, used for opening and closing the intake and outtake valves for gasoline, are of key importance in the GDI systems, maintaining an even consumption level of gasoline. Quality of such critical parts directly influences fuel efficiency, system performance, and engine reliability.

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Veco's precision engineering solutions for automotive GDI flexures

Photo Chemical Machining has long been considered as the best process for manufacturing critical parts such as GDI flexures due to its capability to produce high precision burr- and stress-free parts.

As the world leader in precision engineering with unparalleled expertise in Photo Chemical Machining, Veco has been a leading supplier of safety-critical components in the Automotive industry, delivering over 1 million key components such as GDI flexures every month.

TechnologyPhoto Chemical Machining.
MaterialsWide range of metal materials possible upon request.

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