Inkjet Nozzle Plates

Improve printing quality with high precision inkjet nozzle plates

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Inkjet Nozzle Plates

Inkjet printers work by expelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, textile, and various other substrates. The most critical component of an inkjet printhead is the inkjet nozzle plate. The quality of the fabricated nozzle plates directly determines the resulting printing performance of the whole system. An electroformed nozzle plate is preferred by most of the leading players in the industry for its unparalleled jetting performance, ultra-precise hole geometry, and superior chemical and mechanical stability.

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Our inkjet nozzle plate solutions

As the industry leading specialist in electroforming, Veco offers the industry customized top quality inkjet nozzle plates, meeting every specific need regarding nozzle shape, hole geometry, chemical/mechanical stability, traceability of nozzle plates by laser marking, and multi-layer alignment. In general, Veco applies two different technologies which result in different nozzle shapes: bell mouth and cylindrical hole shape.

MaterialNickel, protected with a thin anti-corrosion coating and if necessary an ultra-thin bonding promoter
Orifice Diameter(O)≥15 µm(bell mouth shape);
≥ 35 µm(barrel shape);
Pitch(10+O+2T)μm(bell mouth shape);
O+1.3T(barrel shape);

Key Features

3 Inkjet Nozzle Plate 1 Barrel

1. Conical hole shape

clogging resistant conical shape holes enabling unparalleled jetting performance


2. Ultra smooth surface

Ultra-smooth, clean printing surface, free of burrs, corrosion resistant

3 Inkjet Nozzle Plate 2 Bell Mouth

3. Different hole shape available

Veco has two major technologies to offer, leading to different nozzle shapes: bell mouth and cylindrical hole shape.

Improve your printing quality with high precision inkjet nozzle plates

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