Lamination plates

Achieve perfect surface fabricating with Veco's lamination plates

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Achieve perfect surface fabricating with Veco's lamination plates

Used as pattern transferring media, a lamination plate is the single most important component in producing all kinds of security documents, e.g. identity cards, passports, driving license, credit cards, etc., for governments as well as private companies. Besides security printing, lamination plate technology is also widely used in all kinds of industrial applications in need of delicate surface pattern fabrication, such as cotton-like cloth printing for baby diaper, leather-like surface fabricating for automotive interior decoration, silk-like fabrics for clothing industry.

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Our Lamination Plates Solutions

Among all precision fabrication technologies, electroforming is the most accurate in reproducing micro structures due to it’s capability to precisely replicate details atom by atom. Veco delivers complete and highly flexible solutions for cost effective manufacturing with lamination plates in various industries:

  • Precision lamination plates for security document printing and RFID card integration
  • Patterned lamination plates for precision surface fabrication
  • Lamination plate blanks to make smooth cards
  • Customized solutions with all kinds of pattern design and finishing to meet the needs of other specific applications
MaterialsHard nickel
Hardness250hV or higher
FinishingGlossy mirror finishing, Light/heavy matte finishing, and various cloth structure finishing, with coating possibilities on specific request
Thickness25 μm up to several hundred μm
ToleranceLess than 5 µm
SizeCan be tailored


Key Features

Security Printing

2. Precise pattern replication

Ultra precise pattern replication, burr-free, stress-free


3. 3D patterns possible

Capability with all kinds of sophisticated pattern design, 3D patterns possible

Technology 5 Surface Replication

1. Surface finishing capabilities

Flexibility in surface finishing, glossy, matte, partial finishing

Achieve perfect surface fabricating with Veco's lamination plates

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