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Achieve smaller, smarter packaging with Veco’s lead frame

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Achieve smaller, smarter packaging with Veco’s lead frame

A lead frame is a thin layer of metal frame to which semiconductors are attached during the package assembly process. Quality of the lead frame is of essential importance: any tiny defect seriously endangers the performance and reliability of the result IC device.

Continuous development of semiconductor process and design technologies has led to growing demand of thinner, smaller, and more complicated devices and packaging solutions. Precision engineered lead frames become obvious choices other than the traditionally machined ones (such as stamped ones) given their superior precision features, ultra fine tolerances, and much shorter delivery time (1/10 of stamping).

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Our Lead Frame Solutions

Veco is a world leading specialist in electroforming, photo-etching, as well as laser cutting. With our unmatched flexible tooling capabilities, we provide the semiconductor industry with customized solutions of high precision lead frames based on every specific demand of complexity, miniaturization, and feature design to achieve thinner package, smaller footprint, higher density, and better performance.

MaterialsElectroformed: Nickel (190-600 HV)
Etched: Typically Kovar and Dilver P but most metals are suitable
CoatingCopper, silver, palladium-Ni, silver, nickel, gold, tin, etc.
Hole ProfileConical/Straight

Key Features

Bas 8376

4. Tight tolerances

high precision, high lead density, ultra-fine tolerances

2. Smooth surface

Ultra smooth and clean surface quality, burr and stress free

3. Metal finishing and plating

In house plating/finishing capability

1. Customized solutions

Customized solution for complex features and complicated shapes, with co-development support

Achieve smaller, smarter packaging with Veco’s lead frame

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