Multi-level Stencils

Keep an eye for details with Veco's multi-level stencils

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Keep an eye for details with Veco's multi-level stencils

The mix of components on electronic assemblies now includes the finest of pitched devices alongside surface mount connectors and power components requiring more paste. A thinner stencil will ensure the finest pitch printed results are good but other components may be starved of the paste volume they require.

The solution is a multi-level stencil, with a general overall thickness and a specific local thickness reduction tailored to the fine pitch components.

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Our Multi-Level Stencil Solutions

Veco provides the industry with 3 major types of multilevel stencils for optimizing the printing process. With a multi-level stencil co-planarity problems can be eliminated, along with non-productive rework time at the end of the line to "cure" the problem.

  • Multi-level Laser (MLL) stencils
  • Multi-level Lasered Nickel (MLN) stencils
  • Multi-level Electroformed (MLE) stencils

Key Features


1. Tailored thicknesses

Tailored thicknesses to suit all component pitches

2. Improved aperture definition

Improved aperture definition for optimised paste release

3. PRA pattern included

Keep an eye for details (specific areas) with Veco's multi-level stencils

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