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Achieve exceptional grooming performance with Veco shaver foil

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Achieve exceptional grooming performance with Veco shaver foil

A foil shaver cuts hair at a closer distance to the skin with a gentler touch, resulting in a more comfortable shaving experience. The quality of the shaver foil directly determines the shaver performance and shaving experience.
Electroforming has been a known process to make shaver foils for its superior capability with complex patterns and ultimate accuracy. As the world leading electroforming specialist, Veco provides the industry with best quality shaver foils with thin, ultra smooth surfaces, exceptionally sharp cutting edges, and bio compatible materials/coatings, all of which enables a perfect shaving performance of the shaver.

Our Shaver Foil Solutions

• Electroformed shaver foil with state-of-the-art low level nickel release
• Electroformed shaver foil with full range of coating possibilities (gold, silver, titanium, teflon®, HLD, DLC, etc.) on request
• Precision etched cutter foil
• Shaver head and cutter assembly potential

Technical Specifications

MaterialNickel (650hV)
Possible CoatingsGold, silver, titanium, teflon®, HLD, DLC
Thickness45-150 μm
Orifice Diameter100-1200 μm
Orifice ShapeCircular, square, triangular, honeycomb,  (elongated) rectangular, etc.
Pitch between Orifices
(land width)
170-1200 μm

Key Features


1. ultra smooth surface

Thin, ultra smooth surface, free of burrs, broken bars and blocked holes

2. Exceptionally sharp cutting edges

3. Wide variety of bio compatible materials/coatings

State-of-the-art capabilities with lowest level of nickel release

4. 100% Inspection, zero defect guarantee

Achieve exceptional grooming performance with Veco's shaver foil

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