Veco Flux

For higher sugar crystal throughput

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Veco Flux: for higher sugar crystal throughput

Veco is market leader in the field of high-grade screens for centrifuges in the sugar industry. The Veco Flux screens have a very good reputation for high process efficiency. Thanks to the high open area (twice as large as standard screens), and to the increased thickness, Veco Flux offers better purging value, lower water consumption and increased durability. Veco Flux can be used with 0.09mm or 0.06mm slot widths to increase the centrifuge throughput up to 150% of the standard value. It can also be used, with 0.04mm slot width, in low-grade massecuite in order to capture the tiniest crystal of sugar without losing throughput.

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Technical Specifications

MaterialThicknessSlot TypeSlot size(mm)Open area
Nickel, chrome plated0.3370/100.04*2.18
Key features
  • larger open area
  • better purging value, lower water consumption, increased durability

​Capability Form

Centrifugal manufacturerType centrifugal
BMAK850/30°, K850/35°, K1000/35°, K1001/30°, K1100/30°, K1300/30°, K1301/30°, K1500/30°, K1501/30°, K2200/30°, K2300/30°, K2400/30°, K2900/30°
BroadbentSP1220/30°, HGC1100,SPV1425
Buckau WolfSC1100/25°, SC1100/34°, SC1350/30°, SC1500/25°
Fives CailFC1000/30°, FC1000/34°, FC1250/28°-/30°-/34°, FC1550/30°, FC1550/34°
Hein LehmannK6/34°, K8/30°, K8/34°, K10/30°, K10/34°, K12/28° -/30° -/34°
PieralisiSCP-C5/30°, SCP-C5/34°
Silver Weibull63SS/30°, 3630, 4630, 4630S, SW1320
Smith Mirless (Fletcher Smith)Rota 900/25°, Rota 1100/25°, Rota 1100/30°, Rota 1300/30°
Western StatesCC4 (34″x34°), CC5 (37″x30°), CC6 (1100mmx30°), CC8, CC8A

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