Veco Flux Special

Highest sugar crystal throughput

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VecoFlux-Special: highest sugar crystal throughput

The VecoFlux-Special screens have the highest open area and the new design of the slotted areas has increased the lifetime of the VecoFlux range even further. VecoFlux-Special screens can be used with 0.09mm or 0.06mm slot widths to increase the centrifuge throughput up to 170% of the standard value. It can also be used, with 0.04mm slot width, in low-grade massecuite in order to capture the tiniest crystal of sugar without losing throughput. This results in lower final molasses purity of up to 2 points, with obvious financial savings.

Technical Specifications

MaterialThicknessSlot TypeSlot size(mm)Open area
Nickel, chrome plated0.33
Key feature
  • largest open area
  • increase throughput up to 170% of standard value

​Capability Form

Centrifugal manufacturerType centrifugal
BMAK1001/30°, K1100/30, K2300/30°, K2400/30°, K2900/30, K3300/30°
BroadbentSPV 1220/30
Buckau WolfSC1350/30°
Fives CailFC1250/34°, FC1550/30°
Hein LehmannK10/30°, K10/34°, K12/34°
KruppKC 1500T
NHECNK 1100/30°, NK 1501/30°
Silver Weibull4630/25°Strips, 5000/25°, 5320, 1320/30°
Western StatesCC5 (37″x30°), CC8A

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