Veco Life

Last up to twice as long

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Veco Life: last up to twice as long

The increase in thickness substantially reduces the deformation of the electroformed nickel screen into the support coarse wire screen. This deformation is the main cause of the chrome-plating layer becoming damaged. With substantial increase in thickness, Veco Life lasts up to twice as long as a standard screen.

Technical Specifications

MaterialThicknessSlot TypeSlot size(mm)Open area
Nickel, chrome plated0.4245/80.06*2.65
Key features
  • substantial increase in thickness
  • effectively reduces deformation thus increase duration
  • lasts up to twice as long as standard screens
  • soft travel of crystal, less break up

​Capability Form

Centrifugal manufacturerType centrifugal
BMAK850/30°/35°, K1000/35°, K1100/30°, K1300/30°, K1301/30°, K1500/30°, K1501/30°, K2300/30°, K3300/30°
BroadbentSP1220/30°, HGC1100/25°, SPV1425, SPV1575
Buckau WolfSC1100/25°, SC1350/30°, SC1500/25°
Fives CailFC1000/30°, FC1000/34°, FC1250/28°/30°/34°, FC/STG 110, FC1300/30°
Hein LehmannK10/30°, K10/34°, K12/30°, K12/34°
PieralisiSCP-C5/30°, SCP-C5/34°
Silver Weibull3630/30°, 4630/30°, 5000/25°, 1320/30°
Smith Mirless (Fletcher Smith)Rota 1300/30°
Western StatesCC4 (34″x34°), CC5 (37″x30°), CC6 (1100mmx30°), CC8-A

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