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High performance test contactors for product testing

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High performance test contactors for product testing

Test contactors are used to determine the performance of electrical devices like micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), sensors, microcontrollers, and integrated circuits. The probes are used in, for instance, the semiconductor and automotive markets for pre-launch validation and production tests. With dimensions as small as a few micrometers, they can be cost-efficiently mass produced by electroforming.

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Our Test Contactor Solutions

Veco is a leading producer of electroformed vertical probes with a highly stable contact resistance and excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. Our state-of-the-art lithographic equipment allows for rapid, accurate, and economic tooling of thousands of probes in a single batch. Every single probe is carefully monitored to meet the most demanding quality standards and guarantee consistency of the products. Though generally nickel is used as the main component, extensive variants are possible with inter-layers and coatings of various materials, yielding probes that perform optimally.

MaterialNickel (temperature resistant)
possible variants include Cu core, Ag and/or Au plating
Thickness70-140 μm
Dimensions60 μm – several mm’s

How Veco produces test contactors for the semiconductor industry

Key Features


3. Zero defect

High dimensional accuracy, zero defect.

Fracture Free

2. Heat resistant

Heat resistant testing solutions.

3 D Contact

1. 3D structure possible

Excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics, 3D structure possible.

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