aperture plates

vast variety of aperture solutions with customized micro structures

aperture plates

Precision aperture plates with micro pinhole, slits and other micro patterns are essential parts in many products across industries. Typical application can be found in Gamma-ray detectors, spatial filters, spectroscopes, endoscopes, leak detectors, high power laser light control, pinhole cameras, TEM specimen grids, etc

With the Electroforming technology, Veco offers vast categories of precision aperture products, ranging from standard aperture plates with pinholes/slits, to high power apertures, laminated multi-layer electroform apertures, and customized microstructures for any complex geometries and specific application environments. Integrated in house techniques of precision electroforming, etching, plating, and laser cutting further enable us to provide vast variety of aperture solutions with flexible choices of materials, thickness, layers, finishing, etc.

key features enabled by Electroforming

high precision with extreme feature accuracy
high resolution encoders with superior accuracy with great reproducibility can be achieved
ultra smooth surface
ultra smooth surface, free of burrs, broken bars and blocked holes which can be common for other manufacturing techs
freeform design
various types of encoders, including linear encoders, strips, etc. can be made with great design flexibility
superior stability and durability
high quality encoder discs with superior stability and durability

technical specifications

Material: Nickel
Hardness: 600 HV
Thickness: 30 μm up to several hundred μm
Hole Diameter: 2 μm up to several mm’s
Various hole features, circular or rectangular holes possible
Excellent edge definition and roundness
Capability with any complex geometries besides common pinhole/slit based design
Customized design and development
get vast variety of aperture solutions with customized features
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