coffee filters

Better crema, better coffee: Enabled by Veco’s high precision coffee filters

coffee filters

Coffee filters, such as Espresso machine shower heads/screens, play an important role in the function of an espresso maker. The filtration screen screws up into the brew head and secures the brew head seal in place, allowing water flow through to infuse with coffee particles. The coffee filters have great influence on the quality of coffee beverage delivered. Only when there’s an optimized filter part in it can an espresso machine function its best and the end product tastes its best. This goes for tea makers and other beverage machines. To achieve optimized coffee filter solution, hole configuration of the filtration screen is essential; hole size, shape, profile, as well as surface smoothness are all crucial for the part and its function.

Veco as the world leader in precision metal parts has been collaborating with the industry leading coffee machine manufacturers as well as OEMs, innovating and developing top-notch metal filters and components for coffee machines, including the shower heads/screens that prevent channeling enable better coffee taste. The unique hole configurations of Veco’s shower screens have proved to result in better crema layer, accompanied by fuller flavor and more rounded aroma.

With Veco’s world leading Electroforming technology for high precision sheet metal manufacturing, filtration parts can be flexibly and accurately optimized in aperture profiles – not only in hole size but also shape, surface, edge – to ensure efficient throughput, reduced clogging, and next-level performance.

key features

conical hole shape
anti- clogging hole configuration
unique bell mouth hole shape enabled by our Electroforming technology, providing anti-clogging, non-blinding performance
ultra smooth working surfaces
burr- free, stress free with ultra smooth surface enabled by Electroforming
micro parts
high open area and superior throughput
high open area resulting in high throughput with flexible feature design possible on request
food quality materials
food grade stainless steel materials such as SS 316, finishing/coating possible on request

technical specifications

Material: food grade stainless steel, such as SS 316
Thickness: 0.05 - 0.6mm
Hole Size: down to 0.04 mm
Special hole definition which is anti-clogging
Design flexibility with no extra tooling cost
Burr- free, stress free parts with ultra smooth surface
Unique geometries which results in better crema
High open area resulting in high throughput
co-develop with Veco
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