leaf filters

filter media solutions for pressure filtration systems

leaf filters

Leaf filters are commonly used in pressure filtration systems for both the industrial and municipal markets across industries. A robust filter leaf that can operate in the harshest environments while consistently producing the highest filtration performance is of essential importance in such a filtration systems, no matter vertical or horizontal.

As the world leader in micro precision sheet metal fabrication, Veco provides the industries pressure leaf filters for both vertical or horizontal systems. With our Electroformingtechnology which is highly suitable for filtration media fabrication, Veco has been working with market leaders in various industries developing filter media precisely for the required application demand and end product configurations. Our extensive experience in wide range of markets such as food & beverage, medical, industrial manufacturing proved our pressure leaf filtration solutions to have enabled high performance filtration products that exceed industry standards.

Veconic leaf filter

key features

conical hole shape
anti- clogging hole configuration
Veco's Electroforming technology enabled unique bell mouth hole shape, providing anti-clogging, non-blinding performance
superior durability with less maintenance
Veco can manufacture leaf filter media in materials that can withstand in the harshest environments with less maintenance and higher efficiency
ultra smooth working surfaces
Veco's high quality filtration media have ultra smooth working surfaces without any burr or bump. Glossy mirror finishing, light/heavy matte finishing, and various cloth structure finishing possible on request
food grade materials available
Complex shapes and design configurations can be achieved with a variety of materials, including food grade materials such as stainless steel

Veco's filter media solutions for pressure filtration systems

disc filter for FUNDA® filtration

The FUNDA® Disc Filter is a typical centrifugal pressure filtration system that is enclosed with horizontally arranged filter media for pre-coat or residue filtration of large quantities of diluted suspensions.

Veco supplies high precision disc filter for FUNDA® system that can operate in hazard environment.

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vertical pressure filter leaves

The Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter, similar to Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter, is a pressured vessel with a stack of vertical leaves that serve as the filtration element.

Veco supplies high precision filter leaves that are mounted vertically on a common manifold pipe, through which the filtered liquid flows out.

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