nebulizer plates

high precision sheet metal plates releasing millions of droplets per second

nebulizer plates

In state of the art drug delivery systems enabled by Vibrating Mesh Technology, Veco’s nebulizer nozzle plate releases millions of micron-sized droplets per second through its unique geometry, forming a perfect fine mist for targeted delivery to the lung. The industry sees an increasing demand for nebulizer plates of very high precision. Electroformed nozzle plates do meet this demand with uniform orifice holes down to 2 microns.

As the world leader in precision metal sheet metal fabrication with the Electroforming technology, Veco has been working together with leading companies in drug delivery system research and development. With our in-house precision electroforming technology, nebulizer plates are fabricated with bio-compatible materials with orifice hole size as small as 2 microns.


key features enabled by Electroforming

conical hole shape
unique hole geometry
the unique bell mouth hole shape enabled by our Electroforming technology, provides superior atomizing performance
high precision and accuracy
high precision metal parts with extreme feature accuracy down to ±1 μm, can be made burr and stress free
design flexibility
with Electroforming complex shapes and design configurations can be easily achieved

technical specifications

Material: bio-compatible materials suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other precision instrumentation applications
Feature Size: orifice hole size down to 2 micron
flexible design and economical tooling
high quality and superior durability
achieve ultimate spray control with Veco’s nebulizer plate
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