sugar screens

World’s largest manufacturer of high quality chrome-plated electroformed nickel screens for continuous centrifuges

sugar screens

Veco is the original developer and the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality chromeplated electroformed nickel screens for continuous
centrifuges. Working for many decades with the largest sugar production companies and leading sugar machine manufacturers, Veco provides the
industry with an extensive program for high-quality sugar screens.

Sugar screens function in the filtration process in sugar production. Specifically, a centrifugal sugar screen is used to rapidly remove molasses
from sugar crystals under centrifugal force. The performance of a sugar screen directly influences the efficiency of the centrifugal machine and in the
end sugar production.

Veco Standard

The Veco Standard sugar screen is an electroformed pure nickel filtration screen with mirror smooth working surface, no burrs or bumps. Chrome plating guarantees a longer lifetime and enables a soft travel of sugar crystal with less break-up. Slot arrangements are radially aligned in multiple arc segments to suit the travel direction of sugar crystals to obtain optimum purity value at maximum capacity. Its special conical hole shape further reduces blinding and clogging.

Veco Flux-Special

The Veco Flux-Special screens have the highest open area and the new design of the slotted areas has increased the lifetime of the VecoFlux range even further. VecoFlux-Special screens can be used with 0.09mm or 0.06mm slot widths to increase the centrifuge throughput up to 170% of the standard value. It can also be used, with 0.04mm slot width, in low-grade massecuite in order to capture the tiniest crystal of sugar without losing throughput. This results in lower final molasses purity of up to 2 points, with obvious financial savings.

Veco Life

The Veco Life screen can last considerably longer than standard screens. The increase in thickness substantially reduces the deformation of the electroformed nickel screen into the support coarse wire screen. This deformation is the main cause of the chrome-plating layer becoming damaged. With substantial increase in thickness, Veco Life lasts up to twice as long as a standard screen.





Performance purity results

Increase capacity (up to 170%)
Lower final molasses purity (by 1%)


Twice as long lifespan

Open area

Up to 10%

Up to 23%

Up to 14%

*Veco Flux sieves compared to Veco Standard

key features of Veco's sugar screens

conical hole shape

anti-clogging hole shape

Veco's sugar filtration screens feature unique bell mouth hole shape enabled by our Electroforming technology, providing anti-clogging, non-blinding performance.

ultra smooth working surface

Veco's high quality sugar screens have ultra smooth working surfaces without any burr or bump. Glossy mirror finishing, light/heavy matte finishing, and various cloth structure finishing possible on request.

superior durability with less maintenance

Veco's sugar screens last longer with less maintenance and higher efficiency. Veco Life in particular lasts up to twice as long as standard screens.

micro parts

high open area up to twice as large

Veco's sugar screens, especially Veco Flux, has high open area (up to twice as large as standard screens). This can increase the centrifuge throughput up to 150% .

more sugar winning with Veco Flux sugar screens

What if you could get more sugar with the same throughput capacity? Veco’s VecoFlux sugar screens offer many benefits compared to the VecoStandard sugar screens:

  • More sugar per hour with the same throughout capacity.
  • Higher throughput capacity, more sugar per hour.
  • Thicker screens with higher durability.

Upgrade your process now – contact one of our engineers to find out what Veco can do for you.

Achieve next level filtration performance with Veco's top quality sugar screens

Veco is market leader in the field of high-grade screens for centrifuges in the sugar industry, with unparalleled wide range of filtration screens for different demands.