Push the boundaries of innovation further than you could’ve ever imagined

With micro-precision manufacturing services that help you meet the most challenging specifications

The biggest design challenges often involve the smallest and most dimensionally precise part of your product

And those challenges — that’s what we want to help you with. So that you can further drive the miniaturisation of your products; a necessity if you want to drive the level of innovation that makes you an industry leader. 


As an engineer, you shouldn’t be on your own. Take the creation of micro-precision parts to unprecedented levels by working with our R&D team.

Micro-precision parts manufacturing

Create next-gen micro-precision parts to further drive the miniaturisation of your products — and, therefore, continuous innovation within your industry. 

Metal finishing

Proper metal finishing not only helps to increase product lifetime and performance, but also allows for more a flexible choice of base materials.

Forming & Assembly

Post-production engineering services like forming, assembly and plating can shorten the total component production process drastically.

Utilize our micro-precision manufacturing services to fabricate your next-generation product

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