In-house forming & assembly

Cost-effective solutions to complex engineering requirements.

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In-house forming & assembly

Many of our customers have more challenging needs, precision metal parts in 3 dimensional form. While many other companies would have to sub-contract this service, Veco can provide this, and many other value added services in-house: e.g. Forming & Assembly.

With this forming, assembly and plating capability, the post-production engineering services can shorten the total component production process drastically. Working collaboratively with our customers allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to complex engineering requirements.

Current examples of our services include the requirement to provide a micro precision domed nebuliser plate in large quantities at a competitive price in a demanding environment. Veco’s ‘know-how’ means we are the partner of choice for your business.

    Our forming & assembly services

    Forming and assembly services available include doming, punching, framing and bending. Examples of the services are framed test sieves, pressure leaf filters and RFI shielding components for the electronics industry.

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