World leading metal finishing and plating

Ultra precision and uniform deposits on any complex shapes

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Metal Finishing

World leading metal finishing and plating

For many hi-tech and hi-spec applications, metal finishing is essential for corrosion and wear resistance, or specific functional reasons.Proper metal finishing not only helps to increase product lifetime, but also allows for more flexibility regarding choice of base materials and improves product functional performance.

Veco is a recognized leader for electroplating processes with wide range of material capabilities including gold, silver, phosphorous nickel, black nickel, ruthenium and platinum plating. Besides electroplating, we also offer other in-house finishing services such as passivation, insulation, laser welding, etc.

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    Our metal finishing solutions

    • Electroplating processes with all kinds of material capabilities
    • Passivation processes for oxidation prevention
    • Insulation processes for electrical purposes
    • Mechanical treatments such as laser welding, resistance welding, forming and soldering

      Key Features

      Ultra precision and uniform deposits on any complex shapes
      Increase lifetime of valuable precision parts
      Corrosion protection
      Wear resistance
      Suitable for different types of base materials

      Get ultra precision and uniform deposition on any complex shapes

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