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World leader in customized precision metal parts: electroforming, photo-etching, and laser cutting

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Electroforming is a method to produce metal parts by precise deposition of metals onto patterned substrates. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing absolute accuracy and high aspect ratios.

Key Features

  • High aspect ratio
  • Stress and burr free
  • High precision
Content Block Etching

Chemical etching

Widely used across a range of high technology industries, Chemical Etching could be the answer to your precision metal part needs. Complex, stress-free, burr-free components can be produced from your ideas into reality in a matter of days.

Key Features

  • Burr and stress free
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cost efficient tooling
Laser Technologies

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a precision process that utilizes high energy laser light pulses to provide both accurate apertures and positional tolerances. Whatever can be produced by CAD on an X/Y axis is suitable for the laser process.

Key benefits

  • High precision
  • High reliability
  • High repeatability

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