Laser Material Processing

World-class laser capabilities: Welding, Micromachining, Cutting, Engraving, Drilling

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Home Welding 1

Laser Welding

Laser Welding is a welding process to join multiple pieces of components with laser. The laser welding process operates in different modes which depend on power density of the focused laser spot.

  • High productivity
  • Low heat input/ low distortion
  • Flexible pulse shaping
  • Deep penetration can be achieved
  • Contactless
  • Ease of automation
  • Process stability and repeatability
  • Cost-effective tooling
Micro Machining Opt

Laser Micromachining

Laser Micromachining, also known as laser plating or laser milling, is an accurate material ablation process at micron level. It is a form of laser processing in which the material to be processed is transferred from solid to gaseous in a very short pulse duration.

  • Wide range of materials possible
  • No heat affected zone
  • High accuracy (at micron level)
  • Capability with various shapes
Home Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting has proven to be a widely used modern production process with applications in a variety of industries. Laser cutting has numerous advantages over traditional mechanical cutting or plasma cutting. It is at a higher precision level with laser cutting especially in the long run since laser beam doesn’t wear during the process.

  • High accuracy (+/- 3 microns)
  • High cutting speed
  • Small heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Small cutting width
  • Burr free
  • High reliability and repeatability
  • Wide range of material option
Home Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is the process of using laser beams to engrave an object. It is also referred to as Laser Marking. A wide range of materials can be engraved, including metals (coated metals included), plastics, stones, glasses, and many natural materials.

  • Wide range of materials possible
  • Optimized parameters for different type of material
  • Color Grave rings (depending on the base material)
  • Micro-engraving of (very) small products possible
Home Drilling

Laser Drilling

Laser Drilling is the process of repeatedly pulsing focused laser beam on a material to create thru-holes. It is one of the few precision metal technologies that can produce high-aspect-ratio holes, which meet many industrial demands that cannot be achieved by other technologies.

  • High aspect ratios
  • Deep, burr-free holes with (very) small diameter
  • Small heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • High reliability and repeatability
  • Fast manufacturing speed
  • Various drilling modes available for different needs
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