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how to co-develop with Veco for your next high precision sheet metal components


Over the years, we’ve worked with industry-leading organizations to help bring to life next-generation products. Combining our expertise with yours helps great things happen. Our specialized application engineering and R&D teams help you to create your next-generation product. We work with you to co-develop the best possible solutions for your critical precision components so you can design, prototype, and then scale up to industrial production.

When the customer is in design/development phase and wants several variations of a part to compare and test which one fits their application best, it can can cost considerable time and effort with different manufacturers or production in different batches. With Veco, on the other hand, it is highly flexible, efficient, and economical with our Electroforming technology. We take the experimental approach for customers in demand. It is a highly effective design and development method that creates several variations of a component in one run, rather than building one specific component from an existing drawing.
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1 – Critical micro-precision challenge
To create a next-generation product, you require micro-precision components. In the first phase of the co-development process, we look at your project parameters and demands together so that we can design the best possible solution in phase 2.

2 – Envision solutions with our engineering team
How can we co-develop your next innovation as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while ensuring a consistent quality of your product? Together, we draw up the path to product development We select the most suitable manufacturing technique, define which key features to measure to ensure further optimization during iterations, and determine the parameters for final quality inspection.

3 – Creation of prototypes
As the world leader in micro-precision parts, we are the first in the industry to use Laser Direct Imaging technology. It not only shortens lead time and cuts cost, but also allows for more design flexibility, which will be highly beneficial for sampling.

4 – Industrial scale production
After the sample is created, tested and inspected, it’s time to move to industrial scale production. And we can move to industrial scale production fast because the majority of the production parameters are already in place from when we created your sample. Our philosophy is to use as much of the pre-existing production processes for the series production of your parts — something you’ll notice in terms of delivery times and quality.

Veco's Future-Proof Solution for Multitest's Miniaturized Contacts

How our HR nickel & Electroforming process helped a world leading semiconductor IC manufacturer

Multitest provides innovative test handling and test interface solutions, tailored to suit the individual requirements of each customer they partner with. They pride themselves on delivering high throughput rates, micron-scale measurement, precision temperature accuracy, and the latest technology for measurement and production.

We’ve been working with Multitest since 2010, and helped them along the way of being international leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

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